When And How To Change Oil

When And How To Change Oil

Your car’s engine is the heart of all its processes. This requires that you take care of it in order to increase its life span and mileage. Taking care of the engine involve simple activities such as cleaning it regularly (professionally of course) and carrying out an oil change when needed. Having an oil change is far more important that any service that you may have in mind of the engine. However, what many people fail to understand is how often to change oil.

So, how often should you change oil?
There is usually no specific answer to this question. This is because the frequency of your oil change is determined by a combination of several factors. In the pasts, it was believed that an oil change was necessary every 3000 miles. Today, this is just a myth because there have been evolutions that have led to the production of robust oil with enhanced capabilities.

First, new vehicles can run for long with the same oil than old ones. They can cover up to 7500 miles, or sometimes even more than this before requiring an oil change.

Secondly, the conditions in which you use your car determine the frequency of changing your oil. In extreme conditions, it is advisable to change your oil within every 1000-3000 miles depending on the age of the vehicle and how extreme the conditions are. In this case, extreme conditions include but are not limited to constant driving and stopping, towing, frequent short trips, dusty roads and driving slowly on highways.

However, following the manufacturer’s suggested oil change frequency can also ensure that you do not get to run on worn out oil that can be disastrous for your vehicle.

How to Change Oil
Although many experienced drivers consider changing oil as a simple DIY task, it is important to let professionals handle this for you. Moreover, you do not want to get all messed up with the black oil that comes from your engine. Experts know how to change your oil and ensure that it is filled to the right level. Moreover, they know the oil type that is ideal for your vehicle when you may not even be aware that there are different types of oil. At times, your oil filters may also be worn out. Since you do not have the required knowledge to determine this, you may end up reusing them. Taking your vehicle to a service bay for an oil change will not only have the filters cleaned and replaced but equip you with essential tips on various oil related issues.